Chicago Teachers Strike Agreement

After 11 days of striking, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have finally reached an agreement. The strike, which began on October 17, 2019, affected over 300,000 students and their families.

The CTU had several demands for the CPS, including smaller class sizes, more support staff, and increased pay for teachers and support staff. After lengthy negotiations, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the CPS finally agreed to some of these demands.

Under the new agreement, class sizes will be reduced gradually over the next several years. The CPS will hire over 450 new social workers, nurses, and other support staff. Additionally, teachers and support staff will receive a raise of 16% over the course of the five-year contract.

The agreement also includes provisions for affordable housing for CPS families, funding for restorative justice programs, and more resources for special education.

The strike was not without controversy. Some parents and students were frustrated with the disruption to their daily lives, while others supported the teachers` demands. Many criticized Mayor Lightfoot for not doing enough to address the issues raised by the CTU.

Despite these challenges, the new agreement is a step forward for Chicago`s education system. The CTU has been fighting for better working conditions and resources for years, and this agreement is an important victory for them.

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